I have a newborn again! Or at least that’s what it damn well feels like. She is 8 months old not 8 weeks and for the last week she is waking up and feeding every 2 hours…. On the odd occasion I get lucky and she makes it 3 hours…. 

She is however teething badly. Her top 4 teeth are all trying to break through at the same damn time and let me tell you it has made her a more cranky clingy baby. 

This phase sucks and I want it to be over.

I want her to start eating solid foods and rely less on breastmilk as her main sorce of food. 

I’m tired….

I’m cranky….

I just want more then 3 hours of sleep in a row. 

laughter repairs the tired soul.

Crabky and the kindergartner are playing nicely on the slide and the laughter is making the day seem less craptastic. With a teething 8 month old who has all of a sudden forgotten how to sleep and everything else that sucks to deal with on zero sleep make life suck. 

But hearing my 2 of my 6 kids laugh and play nicely and not fight, it just makes all the other crap not feel so much like crap. 

I only wish these moments came more often…

Hand surgery 

Yesterday I had hand surgery on my right hand. It wasn’t anything serious, or life threatening but man am I almost completely useless without my main hand. 

This was right after the surgery when I was waiting to be picked up. My hand was still numb so I wasn’t feeling any pain.

This was just now, I have had to wrap it in a second bandage as the one they did at the hospital started to come off a little. This also helps make my hand a little more useable 🙂 

Tomorrow I can take this big bandage off and put on a small bandaid. Thankfully. This big bandage is making it hard to do the simplest things. 

The doctor thinks it was just a cyst and they will be testing it to make sure it isn’t anything bad, and in two weeks I can get my doctor to take out the 4 stitches that are in my hand. 

By the way driving with a sore hand that’s bandaged up isn’t that easy. 


Peanuts and school.

Another post comes across my face book newsfeed and once again it makes me wonder what is wrong with people these days.

The link below is all about how peanut free schools are wrong, when really all this person seems to write are 12 selfish reasons on why they should be allowed to bring peanuts to school. SCREW ALL THE KIDS WHO COULD GET SICK AND DIE. Some of the points near the end seem to be the same as the points at the beginning, but its like they needed so many points to feel special and all that crap. I can’t tell who wrote it or what not but I just couldn’t not say anything about her stupidly selfish post. Oh and I DO NOT have any child who is allergic to peanuts so I am not biased one way or the other. My thoughts are to keep a child safe and alive, and if that means my child can’t have peanuts for a short while during the day I am okay with that.

12 Reasons Peanut free schools are not ok


Point 1. 

I agree that it is our job to teach our children to adapt and survive but at age 4 and 5 and hell even up to age 10 i would hope that society would help my child survive when i am not able to be there for them and they have to be out in the world. What ever happened to the mentality of it takes a village to rise a child….

Point 2. 

I am responsible for my childs health but when i am not able to be there for them at school I can not always control what happens, so my son or daughter may know that they are allergic and not to eat nuts but if some parent gives their child a snack with peanuts in it and that child offer that snack to my child with out knowing that it contains peanuts, well then my child is either really sick or now dead depending on how bad the allergy is. ALL BECAUSE YOU WANT YOUR KID TO EAT NUTS! Kids don’t always communicate and since I have 6 kids i know how forgetful they can be.

Point 3.

It isn’t about taking away a healthy food it is about ensuring the safety of that small amount of children. Its not just unhealthy for them it can be DEADLY. it isn’t about giving them an upset tummy or a small rash it can close airways and KILL THEM!! There are so many other healthy foods that you can substitute peanuts for that it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. You can give them peanut butter and peanuts after school, its not like the schools are banning peanuts of any kind from your home.

Point 4.

If your child is a picky eater then it is your job to deal with that accordingly but your child will not DIE from eating something else just because they don’t like it. However if a child comes into contact with your child who has just eaten peanut butter and he touches them or coughs on them they could get really sick…. so sick that they could DIE!!! While i understand your problem with a picky eater as I have one too,it doesn’t give me the right to put another childs life at risk because of the picky eating problems with said child. YOU ARE THE PARENT! stop letting that child dictate what they eat. I have a really picky eater and sometimes she doesnt eat dinner. I am not making two different dinners and I am not going to be selfish and potentially be the reason another parent has lost a child.

Point 5.

This point pisses me off as you must not realize that it isn’t just that a childs body might not be able to handle peanuts but that they could stop breathing and possibly DIE!!! If I had to choose between the small amount of time during the day that your child is missing the healthy affects of nuts and keeping my child out of the hospital and alive, I WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE THE SECOND OPTION!!!!

Point 6.

I surprisingly agree with this point, although my school that i send my kids limits fragrances.

Point 7. 

So you think that every child who is allergic to peanuts should be homeschooled. Stupid. Ridiculous. Some parents can’t afford to be out of work to homeschool their children because YOU ARE TOO SELFISH TO NOT FEED YOUR KIDS NUTS FROM 8:30 TILL 2:30!! if you want to feed your kids peanuts whenever you want then why don’t you homeschool them.

Point 8.

I feel like you already talked about this in point 1. How can you say we will look out for your child but at the same time say that it isn’t my job to make sure your child is ok. Who cares that your child could die from breathing in peanut particles, it’s my childs right to have peanuts. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. dumb.

Point 9.

I feel like you are just stating the same things over just re wording them to add more points. FEED YOUR KID WHIP CREAM AT HOME IF THEY NEED IT. Once again there are other things that are good for these kids to eat during school hours that won’t cause harm to the small amount who are allergic to your so called wonderful peanuts.

Point 10.

I don’t know where you send your kids but the school i send my kids too has a recess where they can eat snacks if they choose before lunch and then a recess after lunch where they can eat a snack if they choose as well. Including lunch i count that as 3 times they can eat in that 8 hour period. Truth be told when its the weekend I feed my kids breakfast lunch and dinner and I hardly ever give them snacks, so technically they eat more at school then they do at home. And imagine that I send them to school with food thats healthy and nutritious for them without putting another child at risk.

Point 11

this is just another point about survival and thriving in the real world…. this is the third time you have brought this up…. also the third time I am going to say FEED THE KID PEANUTS AT HOME IF THEY ARE SO DAMN IMPORTANT TO YOUR CHILDS HEALTH. If you kill my child because you are selfish and send your kid to school with peanuts and my child is allergic then my child will not be thriving because YOU WILL HAVE KILLED MY CHILD!! SELFISH!!!

Point 12.

There is a different between a 4-8 year old and a teenager and college age person. Hopefully if you have parented right your teenager will be able to ask if the thing they are going to eat is peanut free, they will know to ask because they will remember what you have taught them.

It may be a small inconvenience for you to not send your kid to school without peanuts but like i said many times at least your child won’t get really sick or even die from not having them, where as the child allergic to peanuts could die from coming into contact with your child simply because you are selfish. SELFISH!!!

Also one more thing before i end this post, i can almost garuantee that your child doesn’t care as much as you do about them eating peanuts at school. They will however be very upset if they kill their friend Timmy because you had to selfishly send them to school with peanuts…. by the way its your fault they killed their friend Timmy….. Not your small child.


Once again I found an article on my Facebook page that seriously made me go WTF…. 

This article Women uses fake penis to have sex with another women (seriously click it and read.) is just insane on so many parts. 

1. Why the hell would you even have a boyfriend you have never even seen. Not once. Yet you have had sex with him. WHY?!!? That alone right there makes me say WHAT THE HELL!!!

2. What kind of crazy would a person have to be to come up with a scheme to trick your female friend into having sex with you without them even knowing it was you? Like seriously WTF!!! 

3. The women this happened to is claiming that her friend rapped her and I agree 100%. But the crazy person is saying it wasn’t and that she wanted it. NO! NO she did NOT! She agreed to have sex with her so called boyfriend not her FEMALE friend impersonating her boyfriend and using a strap on. 

4. Lastly I have issue with the strap on….. I have never seen on and no do I ever plan on but I would have to assume that it wouldn’t fee the same as a real one… And wouldn’t a female body, chest wrapped or not, feel different then the male body. 

This is crazy and I just can’t imagine what would have to go through someone’s head for them to come up with this crap. 

Mind Blown!